About The Show

Ignorant shit mixed with drinks is a deadly combination.....LMFAO

Everyday Ignorance is a weekly podcast that consists of a married couple, a set of cousins, two sets of best friends, two friends restarting their friendship after years of not speaking because of haters (can you guess who is who?), and tons of permanent weekly guests.  We discuss everything from culture, current events, sex, and whatever ignorant shit we come up with. We pride ourselves on trying to bridge the generation gap and working to keep middle-aged people from becoming washed. Join us weekly as we get lit off drinks and turn everything into hysterical ignorance! New episodes post weekly. Because we are actual adults, with real jobs, we don't have an actual post date. New episodes will go up some time Sunday before midnight. Make sure to subscribe to Everyday Ignorance Podcast on iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, or Stitcher to receive notifications of all new episodes. Wanna know what we are drinking? Follow us on Instagram @Everyday_ignorance and Twitter @Ignorance35. Starting March 1st 2017, we will be posting all drinks and recipes. Last but not least like us on Facebook Everyday Ignorance Podcast.