Co Host


Middle Age with the vitals of 13 years old girl with asthma

Chemical Engineer

Doesn’t like anything or anyone barley likes his wife or self

Full Time Husband

Lover of all things Alcohol

Ig: Dshelby621

Jay aka J aka Jerome

Middle age

Business Executive

No kids

Interested in PTA moms

Enjoys doing him & attending weekly PTA meetings

Lover of all things Alcohol

Single & Ready to Mingle



Da'Ron aka My Snapchat name is Ghost

Millennial with the knees of an 80 year old white woman

HBCU Graduate underground music blogger

Always late to the podcast no matter what time or day

Enjoys calling anyone or anything older than him washed

Aspires to attend all Day parties shirtless this summer

Young Single & Thirsty to Mingle

Ig: SidneyDeane_